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College Board Search Solutions

Helping thousands of colleges connect with millions of students

Student Search Service: The Enrollment Solution That Colleges Trust

Student Search Service® is the largest, richest database of college-bound students, and new students are added each week as they join the program online or through a College Board assessment. With College Board Search, you can reach students long before it’s time to apply, building a relationship with students early enough to create a real pipeline of best-fit prospects.

Innovative Tools to Help You Exceed Your Goals

Engage with the students most eager to hear from you with Interest in My College
Students who have added your school to their college list are much more likely—10 times as likely—to apply. Our Interest in My College feature allows you to start conversations based on mutual interest and is available to all Search users at no additional cost.

Optimize your resources
In an era of declining student populations, we know enrollment professionals are challenged to reach their goals with limited resources. Each month, Search users receive a notification with the new students who meet the criteria of their recent Search orders.

Leverage expert resources and support
Our Recruitment and Enrollment Solutions team is here to support your strategy and answer questions year-round. Search users receive access to monthly webinars, regular training sessions, and email outreach with recommendations and best practices.

Additional Services

Ready to take your existing Search strategy to the next level? Review more information about our add-on analytics tools Segment Analysis Service™ and Enrollment Planning Service™.

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