Your institution is unique, and so is your Search

The new College Board Search adapts to your needs as they evolve.

Choose from multiple subscription plans based on the access level that’s right for your institution. Customize your subscription plan with à la carte features or stack multiple plans together to build a Search solution tailored to your needs.

Find the plan for your goals.

Specialized features are available at every Search Access Plan level, and you can choose an option that aligns with your budget and needs.

Unparalleled reach with new features to boost your strategy.

Core Search filters like Geography, Demographics, and College Board Exams—plus zip code searching—are included in all subscription plans. And all plans include the following advanced benefits to power your searches:

Features Included in All Plans

  • Interest in My College (IMC)
  • Landscape Context
  • National Recognition Programs
  • Redesigned Experience

Additional Advanced Features

  • Interest in My Peers
  • Parent Contacts
  • Living Record
  • Student Plans and Preferences
  • Enrollment Planning Service (EPS)
  • Segment Analysis Service (SAS)
  • Search Optimization Service

Helping you work toward your goals as soon as you log in.

You've asked for new and improved Search tools to connect with students. And this fall, we're delivering. In the Redesigned Experience, you’ll perform tasks like building searches, copying searches, and downloading files with fewer clicks and less scrolling. All Search users, regardless of their subscription plan(s), will have access to improved site tools like auto-refresh counts, keyword searches, and easier-to-use filters.