A New Way to Connect with Students

Our new privacy-centric feature connects you with digital in-school test takers.

The Next Innovation in Recruitment

The data privacy landscape continues to evolve, and the transition to a digital SAT Suite of Assessments provides an opportunity to offer a new, privacy-forward way for students to connect with colleges. Search and Connections™ work together to help you reach students over their entire college exploration journey. Connections allows colleges and universities to reach students early in high school; Search supports outreach to students as they engage more deeply in the college-going process.

Connections Key Milestones

Change is hard. [But] we, as higher education professionals, can really be nimble and learn to adapt just like our students are having to adapt. [Connections is] another way that we can reach students where they are and showcase [our] university.

Lauren Rucker, Director of Enrollment Management Communications at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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