Multiple dates, 2pm

Summer Webinar Series: Search & Connections

Join us May 17th, June 21st, July 19th and August 23rd for a series of conversations about how Search and Connections complement each other to help you find the most important students in your recruitment strategy. Click ‘Details’ to learn more about each topic!

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In an ever-changing educational environment, College Board Search continues to provide solutions that enhance your enrollment strategy. The Summer Webinar Series: Search & Connections, spotlights the power of Search and presents Connections, a student-driven, privacy-forward feature launching this fall, that ensures you reach the best-fit students for your school.

The Summer Webinar Series: Search & Connections details the framework of how these two platforms work in tandem to help you engage with students in the upcoming recruitment cycle. Each unique webinar will build upon one another, covering topics such as:

  • What’s New in Year 2 (May 17th) - Review Year 2 Subscription Plans, Connections and the ordering process. Breakout sessions will take a closer look at Connections Audiences, Landscape Context for all and subscription planning now and later.
  • Communication and Segmentation (June 21st) - We’ll discuss communicating within Connections as well as powerful features in Search that can help you tailor messaging to students you’re wanting to reach.
  • Access and Inclusion (July 19th) - Building on communication and segmentation, this session will demonstrate how to utilize context like National Recognition Programs and AP participation to connect with key populations.
  • Partnering for Success (August 23rd) - Whether you work in College Board Search directly or partner with a vendor we know that collaboration is key. Learn best practices to help you reach your enrollment goals.

Join us this summer as we walkthrough through integral functions of Search and Connections! Recordings of the webinars will be sent to all registrants in follow-up communication. If you are not able to attend the live, virtual event, we still invite you to register to ensure you receive the recording.